Four Reasons Why Your California Personal Injury Case is Not Resolved

One of the chief concerns of personal injury victims in California is when they can expect their case to be resolved. Obviously, a timely and successful resolution to the case means that the victim will be able to enjoy the benefits of the monetary damages award ordered by the court. However, even when the case is unsuccessfully resolved, the victim is at least able to begin the long and difficult process of moving on with his or her life. Again, the sooner this occurs, the better it is for the injury victim. So why, then, do some personal injury cases take months or years to resolve while others do not?

Top Four Reasons Your Case is Still Open

Your California personal injury attorney is in the best position to tell you why your specific case is still pending and hasn’t been resolved; however, some of the more common reasons why this happens include:

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  •      Your case is complicated. If your case involves a considerable number of witnesses or complicated evidence requiring an expert’s explanation, your case will take longer to resolve than other cases. While you may have little control over the evidence or witnesses in your case, hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer who is familiar with the evidence and experts typically present in these types of cases can help speed the case along.


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  •      You or the other party do not want to settle. A settlement agreement can resolve your case quickly and result in you obtaining some measure of compensation in a timely fashion. However, a settlement is only possible where both you and the other party wish to resolve the dispute in this manner. If either party insists on a trial, then the case will not be resolved as quickly as it would otherwise be through a settlement.


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  •      Discovery and/or pretrial issues exist. When one party has not fulfilled its discovery obligations by turning over discoverable material, or when the court has ordered that one party or the other undertake some action and the party has failed to do so, these issues can stall a resolution of your case until the obligation or task has been completed.


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  •      The court’s and/or attorneys’ calendars are full. A delay in your case may be the result of nothing more than the attorneys’ and/or the judge being unavailable to address your case any earlier due to preexisting cases and commitments connected therewith.

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