Personal Injury, Elder Abuse and Child Injury Lawyers Dedicated to Protecting the Rights of Victims Throughout Orange County, California.


Our experience runs deep & our successes are numerous, yet our motivation is simple. In our years of practice the goal has always been to deliver the most effective results for each and every one of our esteemed clients. That core principle is backed by a true commitment to treating clients with the attention and respect they so rightfully deserve. When our clients decide to retain our services, they can be confident that they have hired a knowledgeable, distinguished, and tenacious group of attorneys that will place every effort into helping them receive the justice they deserve.


At Case Barnett Law, clients gain confidence from working with a savvy legal professional with a deep understanding of the specifics their individual situation present.

Personal Injury

Wrongful Death

Elder Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Product Liability

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Spinal Cord Injuries

Birth Injuries

Burn Injuries


Car Accidents

Truck Accidents

Bus Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

Premises Liability

Dog Bites

Physical Assault at School

Sexual Assault at School

Physical Assault at Church

Sexual Assault at Church

School Injuries


What We Specialize In

Case Barnett Law draws on deep experience in each of our areas of practice, and we maintain active standing in numerous related professional and community organizations. That combination gives us insight based not only on past successes, but a close observance of trends and best practices related to your situation.

Fear can motivate or asphyxiate. Trial is a scary proposition. The harsh light of the courtroom exposes the flaws and the beauty of a case. Lucky for our clients, Case Barnett Law excels at the trial civil and criminal cases. Case Barnett Law has tried more cases than 95% of attorneys. Case Barnett Law does not fear any opposition.

We’re On Your Side

Please contact Case Barnett Law for a free initial consultation.  If you’ve been injured because of the negligence of someone else call us to find out what your rights are and how we can help you receive compensation for your injuries.


Where We Fight

With a focus in Orange County, we work to protect individuals throughout Southern California including Los Angeles County, San Diego County, San Bernardino County and Riverside County. Whether you have been injured in Irvine, Santa Ana, Fullerton or Newport Beach, we can help. From Los Angeles to the Inland Empire, we protect people.

Our skills have been forged in the courtroom and utilized to represent virtually every kind of individual including doctors, lawyers and police officers. We understand the complicated nature of the human condition and believe the Oscar Wilde quote, “The truth is rarely pure, and never simple.”

Why We Fight

Too often individuals are taken advantage of by insurance companies and their attorneys. The little guy or gal deserves someone too. We are that someone. We fear no insurance company. We fear no lawyer. We fear no injustice. We fight because we love setting things right and being the one to place a finger on the scales of justice, tipping them in favor of the victim.

Why Us

Hiring an attorney with trial experience is vital for all criminal and civil cases. No one likes to lose, especially insurance companies and prosecutors. The jury trial is the hammer that the U.S. Constitution gives to every individual. It is the great equalizer. It can set you free or it can bring a better resolution to your case. No one wields that hammer better than the attorneys at Case Barnett Law. Call today and let our attorneys help you.


For More Information

Visit http://www.casebarnettlaw.com

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